Outlook and GMail woes

I use Outlook 2013 to syn with Gmail and I’ve been faced with this annoying pop up every 15 minutes or so.
“Your IMAP server wants to alert you to the following: Message too large. http://support.google.com/bin/answer.py?answer=8770.”


This link takes me to some advice about adding and removing attachments which doesn’t help me to resolve the problem. I came to the conclusion that in my GMail account, I must have had an attachment larger than my Exchange server attachment size limit (which I think is the default 20MB).

I found that I can search GMail for files larger than a certain size, like this…
size: 30M


Searching for above 20MB files gave me a long list, so I decided to search above 30MB and I found a single email with a large Word document attached (the attachment was a series of maps that I copied from the Internet to help teach Cub Scouts map reading).
Once I deleted this attachment, I fixed my problem. Now I just need to fix the “Outlook never completes it’s index of GMail” problem and I;ll be happy 🙂

Author: Richard Bishop


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