Another Trump-related website failure

My son came home from school today to show me a funny Trump-related website. Apparently it’s all the rage at school.  The website lets you blow a Trumpet in Donald Trump’s face. There’s a trumpet noise and a funny animation of the President-elect’s hair blowing. I can see why this is popular in schools and (probably) workplaces…. it’s disrespectful and childishly funny.

The site ( has been developed by a Swedish Ad Agency called Animal and it’s obviously captured the world’s imagination in the last day or so. Their website hit counter is at over 100 million hits and I just had a look at the site, only to see a HTTP 503 (Service Unavailable) error.

These (earlier) images are from the Daily Telegraph. In their article which was published on 7th November the site had 9 million “Trumps” (hits)
trump2_copy_3567766b trumpy_3567775b


The site has more than 100 million hits now (10th November) and the counter is still rocketing upwards, have a look if the site’s not melted yet under load…..


Website videos black / dark for first few seconds – FIXED

This has been annoying me for ages… When I say ages, I mean 6 months or more. When I start to watch a video in Chrome on a website like YouTube or BBC News, the first few seconds of the video are dark and pixellated. I’ve tried new video drivers and other setting changes but none have worked until now.

This first image shows what a video looks like when it starts to run in Chrome.

When I realised that the same videos played well in Internet Explorer, Edge and Firefox, I decided that it had to be one of the Chrome settings. After some trial and error, I discovered this flag:
chrome://flags/#disable-accelerated-video-decode  .

I disabled this which means that Chrome wasn’t trying to use hardware acceleration on my graphics card. This fixed my problem.
After disabling hardware acceleration, my videos are clear, right from the first second of replay – a great improvement.

BackBlaze Review

I’ve been toying with the idea of backing my PC up to “the cloud” for some time now. I’ve used Google Drive, DropBox, OneDrive and other cloud based storage before, but what I really want/need is a proper backup.

By that I mean something that I don’t need to think about and just does it’s job. I’m not looking for the ability to sync data across devices (I can use Google / Dropbox / OneDrive for that. All I need is reliable (ideally off-site) backup.

A few years ago, I read the BackBlaze blog, “PetaBytes on a budget” and based on this, even toyed with the idea of setting up a similar service in the UK. This remained a pipe dream after I found that they were already planning to launch a UK service themselves.

Fast forward to now, I installed BackBlaze last week and subscribed to their “backup all you want” for $50 per year. Even with the pound at the current low, that’s less than £40 per year!backblaze

Although it took about 8 days to do the initial backup over fibre broadband, now it happily runs as a background service and I don’t have to think about it any more. I just wish that I’d done this sooner.

If I need to restore a file or folder, I can just download it or I can order a HDD or USB stick with my entire backup on it directly from BackBlaze.