New GESHI syntax highlighter for LoadRunner 11.5

In August 2010, I put Stuart Moncrieff’s syntax highlighter on my website so that I could easily copy and past LoadRunner code into documents in the correct colours. Since LoadRunner 11.5 was released with a new compiler and different colours in the script editor, I thought that it was time for an update.

The links below take you to the old and new GeSHi pages which format text in LR 9.x and LR 11.x colours.
LoadRunner 9.5 script editor colours
LoadRunner 11.5 script editor colours


Whilst this may be useful to you, you may also be pleased to know that the new editor supports pasting directly from VUGen into Word or other programs and the source formatting is preserved. This is great if you want to insert codeĀ snippetsĀ into documents and keep the code readable.


Author: Richard Bishop