In case you really can’t live without Wikipedia….

Blacked out Wikipedia home page

As many people know Wikipedia is protesting about the US government’s proposed SOPA legislation. Consequently they’ve blacked out their home page (English language version). Whether you approve of this protest or not, you may find it difficult to do your homework, look up pointless facts or stalk celebrities without the wonders of Wikipedia.

Here’s a little workaround that gives you access to Wikipedia content….

As you can see, navigating to takes you to this “blacked out” page.

Blacked out Wikipedia home page

Wikipedia “Blackout”



If you really need content from Wikipedia, here’s how to get it from the google cache.

First go to or and search for the content that you want. Instead of searching “the whole Internet”, specify that you only want to look for Wikipedia content.

For example to search for King Henry, type King Henry

Google site specific search
Google site specific search

Once you have the search results, hover over the space to the right of the search results and you’ll see a double arrow appear. This shows you a preview of the search results. Hover over this (step 1) and click the word “cached” (step 2) as shown in the image below.

Example of Search results with link to google cached content
Search results and link to cached content

After clicking on the “cached” link you can see the content that you’re looking for served to you from the google cache rather than the Wikipedia pages.

Cached Wikipedia content
Cached Wikipedia content

Happy Googling!


Author: Richard Bishop