MindMeister Review

Last year I was doing an OU computing course and one of the modules required the team to work on a virtual software development project. Each of us was assigned a different role in the team and we had to work collaboratively both on and offline.

I’ve always liked using MindMaps because like most humans I don’t think in a straight line. I like the fact that with a mind map I can throw disjointed ideas at a page and put them into some sort of order later on. It’s great for creating a sketchy/work-in-progress outline of a document or presentation allowing you to reorder the content. I’ve used Mindjet and FreeMind in the past but when I want to do collaborative work I tend to use MindMeister.

I’ve used this in the following different ways:

  • With clients when planning IT projects and creating task lists / high-level project plans.
  • With the local Cub Scout leader when organising the new “Sixes”.
  • With the Vivit Board of Directors when doing a SWOT analysis for Vivit Worldwide.

If you’re interested in using MindMeister, click the image below.

Disclaimer: if you sign up for a free or paid account using this link, I get a free map…just thought you should know


Author: Richard Bishop