LoadRunner 11.5x replay error

I decided to give LoadRunner 11.50 a try because one of my clients is upgrading to the newer version of VuGen as part of their migration to Performance Center. I tried a simple recording and replay against the VTS2 web application (which I’m also evaluating). The script ran without problems and populated rows in VTS as I expected, but I saw this error in the replay log.

Error -27279: Internal Error – Report initialization failed, error code=-2147467259

I’m using Windows 8 and LoadRunner 11.50 build 2216. I looked in the HP support and found an article (which for some reason I can no longer find!) that suggested that the way to resolve this was to run any LoadRunner script once as an administrator. Once you’ve done this, you’ll have “cured VuGen” of this fault.

This solution worked for me, here are the steps that I took:

  • Right click the VuGen shortcut and choose the option to “run as administrator”
  • Run the script once, the error should not appear.
  • Close VuGen

I re-tested this using VuGen as a non-administrative user and can confirm that this problem no longer exists.



Author: Richard Bishop