Quadcopter timelapse

My brother-in-law took this set of photographs from a remote controlled quadcopter when he visited our house at Christmas. The quadcopter ascended to 150 feet or so over the fields near Market Street and took a set of still images which I spliced together to produce a “timelapse” effect.

As the quadcopter takes off the camera is facing West towards Lumb Wood on Holcombe Hill. The copter then rotates ┬áto the left until it is facing East, at this point many of the houses on Market Street and Heycrofts View become visible. After this the camera is pointed towards Edenfield Recreation Ground, “the rec”. The copter rotates again after this and shows a view towards Scout Moor. After this the copter returns to its take off point in the garden.
This still image shows a view of Market Street and Heycrofts View.

Author: Richard Bishop