LoadRunner update – LR_03159

Screenshot of LoadRunner update notification


I really like the new(ish) feature of LoadRunner where updates are now automatic. If your LoadRunner installation is behind a firewall or does not have access to the Internet, now may be a good time to update LoadRunner. This is especially true if your Microsoft patches are handled automatically (perhaps by your IT team).


Microsoft update 2661254 prevents the use of private keys shorter than 1024 bits for RSA encryption. It appears that this may cause problems for LoadRunner, hence the recent patches for LoadRunner 11 and 11,5.

The Microsoft patch can be downloaded here:
The HP patch for LoadRunner 11.0 is LR_03160.
The HP patch for LoadRunner 11.5 is LR_03159.

If you haven’t automatically received the patch, it can be downloaded from the normal HP support site.
(SAID required to prove that you have a licence).

Author: Richard Bishop