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Many people are unable to find copies of the paper-based petition to save the X44 bus service which serves Rawtenstall, Townsend Fold, Edenfield and Shuttleworth. The bus operator Transdev has decided to scrap the X44 bus service through Edenfield because transport bosses believe the service is ‘under-used’ although I fail to see how 9-10 passengers on each service can’t be profitable for them. (Unless perhaps they want to reduce the number of people using SystemOne cards so that they make more money from people travelling from Rawtenstall.)

The daily service, with nine return journeys between Nelson and Manchester, via Townsend Fold, Horncliffe, Edenfield and Shuttleworth will be scrapped by the end of the month and replaced with a new X8 service through Edenfield running just twice  per day. Transdev  need to be made aware how their decision will affect bus users severely and drive their customers onto competing bus services or private transport.

Transdev’s assurance that, “Edenfield will continue to have a frequent, accessible public transport network after these changes are implemented.” is blatantly false.

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Author: Richard Bishop

4 thoughts on “Save the X44 bus service – online petition”

  1. I am outraged by this! They decide to scrap the bus simply because they want more money? I am one of many full time students and get a termly bus pass which should contribute to the wages? The amount of students I see and know use the 8 service bus in particular should definitely add up to a decent amount! If this bus is stoppe I will be on a huge dilemma as I will either have to walk to and from bacup or Rawtenstall everyday which is about 3 miles either way. This would mean I have to get up at around 5:30 in order to be organised and in the bus stand on time. This could seriously affects my work and grades at college if getting up earlier exhausts me. Also in winter months when it goes dark earlier, it may make me feel vulnerable. If the bus is stopped I have no choice to walk as I (and many more students’ parents) cannot afford to pay the weekly or monthly price of other transport systems. This is incredibly unfair and I don’t think anyone has thought of the long term effects, particularly aimed for college students. I cannot begin to express my anger and I advise someone to thoroughly think this through and insist on keeping the 8 buses running! It’s outrageous

  2. I do not understand why this bus service is being terminated?! It has been getting busier the more people know about the service. It operates on an excellent route and used by a number of professionals and numerous Co-operative employees travelling from Rossendale to Manchester. I have gone on to sign the petition this morning but the link has been removed?!

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