– The Internet Clipboard

I really like this tool that was recommended to me by Mark Sibley.


  • To use this clipboard, make up a URL similar to this and type it into your browser. the word ‘bish’ in the above URL with anything that you want. screenshot
  • Type or paste any text (like I did above) into the clipboard and click “save”.
  • Then, from any other PC open a browser up to the same URL to access the “clipboard” from somewhere else.
Whilst this is useful, I wouldn’t recommend using this public facility for sharing secret or commercially sensitive information.
It’s handy for the odd code-snippet or for sharing information with colleagues.


Author: Richard Bishop

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  1. Unfortunately has been closed down.
    If you follow the link in the above article, it is possible to download the code for use on your own site as well as links to other sites where similar functionality is available.

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