Problems with RDP clipboard – solved

I regularly use RDP sessions to connect to systems which I am testing.

I’ve noticed lots of problems with the clipboard on my PC when I do this. This seems to be more of a problem when I connect to older operating systems (such as XP) from a new OS (like Vista or Windows 7).

After a while it becomes impossible to use the clipboard and copy and paste between RDP sessions. In addition it becomes impossible to paste on the local machine as well. This is a complete pain in the ~@*% and until now the only way that I’ve been able to “clear” the problem is to reboot my PC and re-establish the connections to the remote systems.

The problem is caused by the rdpclip process on the remote PC taking control of the clipboard on the local PC and not releasing it. It is possible to kill and restart the process which causes this problem. This fixes the problem without having to restart RDP sessions or reboot your PC.

These are the commands.
taskkill /f /im rdpclip.exe

The first line kills the rdpclip process and the second line restarts it.
These commands should be run on the remote system.


Author: Richard Bishop